Project Description



10 Real Benefits for your hair

The iBeauty brand was designed to fill certain gaps identified in the field of hair care products.


Nutritious detangling spray without the need for rinsing, smoothing iron & heat protector with a botox hair repairing effect. Being sprayable it can be applied at any time of need, providing the hair with the amount of nutrients necessary for good hair health.

Thanks to the caviar extract it applies a special touch of luxury and exclusivity, achieving an extra load of nutrients to the hair and an enhancing shine.


Special preparation for washing all types of hair and scalps. Cleanses hair with its creamy foam while protecting and restoring it, leaving it silky, shiny and conditioned. It has an intense and pleasant aroma that combined with the recognized sensual energy given off by the passion fruit extract known as passion fruit manages to create a relaxed, attractive and well-being environment.

An intense penetrating aroma that relaxes the environment and gives it an interesting point of sensuality. Pure aromatherapy maximum concentration.